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LAOS TOURS : The South awaits

Tour the South of Laos : 5 jours

Tour Details:


  • The Bolaven Plateau, tea & coffee plantations.
  • Tadlo & Tadfane Waterfalls.
  • Mekong River Cruise.
  • Cruise in the "4000 Islands", the impressive waterfalls at Khone Phapheng & Li Phi and the Irrawaddy River Dolphins.
  • An introduction to elephant driving and discovery of Phou Asa.

1st day: Pakxe - Tadlo - Pakse

On your arrival, you are greeted by your English speaking guide, a specialist in southern Laos. En route to Tadlo, an area renowned for its freshness and the beauty of the three falls at Tad Hang, Tadlo and Tad Suang, you stop in the tea & coffee plantations on the Bolaven Plateau. You visit the villages of Neua Pong and Kok Bhoung, belonging to the Katou people. Lunch (not included) is taken close to the Tadlo Falls. The afternoon continues with a stop at the River Sayxet, then a visit to the village of Nge De Khiang Tad Soung. In the late afternoon, you arrive at Tadfane, an impressive waterfall formed from two sources 120m high; certainly the highest falls in Laos. You finish your tour by returning to Pakxe.

Dinner (not included) and overnight stay at your hotel.


2nd day: Pakse - Champassak

Depart for Champasak via a pleasant 2-hour river cruise. You have time to explore this small town where many houses dating from the colonial period (often left to ruin) give a very strong atmosphere of "Indochina". You continue to the famous site at Wat Phou - the second World Heritage Site in Laos. Its foundations date from the 5th or 6th century, the beginning of the Chenla Kingdom. It is older than the cities of Angkor but much smaller, exuding a magical atmosphere. Some believe that it may have been the blueprint for Angkor Wat and contrary to what it represented for nearly a thousand years (a Hindu temple), it was transformed into a place of worship dedicated to Theravada Buddhism. You have time to visit the site and its museum before lunch. You then proceed to the historical site at Um Muang located on the banks of the Mekong. It used to be the staging point for boats from Cambodia and most of the main brick structures have been almost completely destroyed by the effects of wind & rain. The site doesn't have the same level of archaeological significance as Wat Phou; excavations only began in the 1950's.

You conclude your day travelling back to the lodge.

Dinner (not included) and overnight stay at your hotel.

Laos-Champasak-Colonial house

3rd day: Champassak - 4000 Islands - Champassak

Departure for the Si Phan Don region (Si Phan Don means 4000 islands in Lao). You travel to Khone where your boat awaits and journey to the islands of Don Khong and Don Det. Lunch (not included) at Don Khong followed by an island tour. Next, you continue to the falls at Li-Phi, and after enjoying this amazing natural spectacle, you embark in canoes and set off to search for the rare Irrawaddy River Dolphin; this is the only place outside Myanmar (Burma), to observe these amazing creatures, and the ideal time is around 16h00. Before your return to the Lodge, you make a short detour to the falls at Khone Phapheng - its here the lazy flow of the Mekong is broken by falls over 14m high. The falls are the most important in South East Asia; the "Niagara Falls" of the region. Return to the your hotel.

Dinner (not included) & overnight stay at your hotel.


4th day: Champassak

After a short transfer, today's adventure begins with a 45 min. walk to reach an isolated village where you begin your introduction to driving elephants. The course started by the villagers (one "mahout" teacher per 3 participants) lasts for two hours. Lunch is on site with the villagers who cook specially for you. This is a real opportunity to discover the lives of the local people. In the early afternoon, you start your elephant trek crossing plains and passing through tropical forest that leads to Mount Phou Asa The summit is dominated by the remains of an ancient fort which is a mystery because, to date, no study has been able to date the ruins precisely. (The trek lasts approximately 2 hours.)

Dinner (not included) & overnight stay at your hotel.


5th day: Champassak - Pakse

Transfer to Pakxe International Airport - the end of your Laos adventure and our services.

Laos-Baci Ceremony

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