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Presenting Laos

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Presenting Laos

Laos, once known as "the country of a million elephants”, is undoubtedly the most mysterious country of South-East Asia.
After decades of being hidden away, Laos has gradually opened its borders and foreign visitors can discover a fascinating country which seems to ignore the rapid globalization taking place around it.
With around 6 million inhabitants and an area slightly larger than the UK, Laos is the least populated country in the SE Asian peninsula, and undoubtedly the least known. Travelling to Laos is a discovery of a mosaic of over 60 ethnic groups; many of whom have kept their ancestral way of life, living in harmony with nature. Lush forests, still intact, can be found in 20 National Protected Areas of exceptional fauna and flora.

From the wide expanse of the Mekong in the south to the rugged hills in the north, Laos offers a great diversity of places to visit. The rapidly developing capital, Vientiane retains it's cultural links with numerous temples and monuments. Luang Prabang remains the most visited town in Laos and the pre-Angkor temples in the south offer a view of the religious history of the country.