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Laos Travel Direct is a subsidiary of Asia Safari - our story is one born out of a passion for Laos and its people. It's a story of finding an original picture of Laos and sharing this with you; creating personalized itineraries well off the beaten track. Laos Travel Direct gives you the chance to explore Laos, enjoy Lao culture and meet its many & varied peoples, in a number of exceptional ways. As a result of this approach, you will benefit from a unique perspective and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

It's a story of a passion for Laos (The Jewel of the Mekong) and its people

Authentic & personalized itineraries.

We scoured the preserved landscapes and varied peoples in time with the rhythm of the Mekong River (the "Mother of Waters"), that is to say that we took our time, ensuring no stone was left unturned, to create itineraries that give a unique and extraordianry experience.
Laos is landlocked between Cambodia in the south, China & Myanmar (Burma) in the north, Thailand to the west and Vietnam in the east. It is the smallest and least populated country in SE Asia and is "fortressed" by a chain of mountains (the Annanites) that has helped the country to avoid mass tourism and keep its multi-cultural identity as well as its natural and architectural heritage.
Laos is an undiscovered gem at the heart of SE Asia.
From the capital Vientiane, with around half a million inhabitants, to the most remote countryside; the atmosphere is relaxed and enchanting. It's almost impossible not to fall under the spell of the Lao people's kindness, permanent smile and warm welcome. 
Laos Travel Direct has developed original and authentic holidays that will give your the opportunity to discover the natural beauty and indigenous peoples of Laos with a guaranteed high quality, personal service.


All our clients are unique

Each of our clients benefit from a personalized service and we are mindful of the needs and demands of each individual. The proposed routes are hand chosen and we spend the time needed to develop programmes that ensure each trip is unique. 

We pursue a single goal - everyone leaves with unforgettable memories of this beautiful country. We select the best of Laos hotels and restaurants which means you remain free to choose from a wide selection of charming places to stay that provide high levels of service and that all important "personal touch".

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Each of our clients is managed by their personal adviser and we stay in contact with them from arrival to departure. We are regularly "out in the field" to check the reliability and quality of our partners. All of our guides are experienced, qualified, local people speaking Lao and at least one other language.
A detailed questionnaire is given to each client at the end of their holiday and we carefully study all of the feedback we receive. This important feedback is a key component of our quality control.
We follow all developments concerning tourism and vacations in Laos to ensure we have an up to the minute picture of this beautiful country.

Asia Safari (our parent company) was created in 2002

The original programmes were devised to offer a new way of travelling to Laos; providing tours in camps along the lines of African lodges. These "settlements", consisting of tents and traditional structures, allowed our tours to fit into the local environment without disrupting the local wildlife, habitat or people. 

In 2007, the choice of accommodation was enhanced with the opening of a retreat that combines charm and serenity, nestling in the natural heart of Northern Laos: Muang La Resort.


Asia Safari & Laos Travel Direct now offer a range of holidays, tours and river cruises in Laos.

Our team

Our international team (European & Lao) has a thorough knowledge of the country and tourism guaranteeing professionalism, expertise and personal service.